Guest Safety

At Russell Cottage, we’ve put a lot of thought into making your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We’ve placed particular emphasis on your health, safety and wellbeing so that your only concern should be enjoying your stay.

Please take a few minutes to read the safety information on this page:
Fire Safety
Carbon Monoxide
Covid-19 and the coronavirus
Safety Reports & Risk Assessments

Fire Safety

As you’re on holiday staying in unfamiliar accommodation and using unfamilair appliances, the risk of fire is higher than at home.

There’s a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and a fire safety notice in the kitchen. Please familiarise yourself with their location and take a moment to read the instructions so that you know what to do in the event you need to use them.

Please also make sure that you’ve familiarised yourself with the way out, so that in the event of an emergency you can quickly exit the cottage and escape to a place of safety.

Please switch off electrical appliances at night and don’t leave appliances like the TV, washing machine, iron or mobile phone chargers switched on when you go out.

There are smoke alarms on each floor of the cottage. The smoke alarms are linked so that if one goes off, all alarms will sound.

For fire safety reasons, do not use any form of barbeque equipment in the house or garden area. Cooking or food preparation in the bedrooms is not permitted.

You can view the Fire Risk Assessment below.

Carbon Monoxide

As all gas appliances are located in the lower ground floor kitchen, a carbon monoxide alarm is fitted in this room.

Covid-19 and the coronavirus

As you’ll expect in these days of Covid-19, in readying the cottage for your visit, we’ve paid close attention to guidelines from the UK government, VisitEngland as well as those from Northumbrian Cottages.

We have completed a Covid-19 risk assessment for guests using the cottage and are accredited for VisitEngland’s ‘Good To Go scheme’ confirming we seek to abide by UK government guidelines to help protect you from Covid-19 during your stay.

Safety Reports & Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessment (PDF)
Fire Safety Notice (JPG)
Electrical Installation Condition Report (PDF)
• Gas Safety Report (PDF)
Covid-19 Risk Assessment (PDF)
VisitEngland ‘Good To Go’ Certificate (PDF)