Guest Information

An (almost) A-Z of everything you need to know to enjoy your stay:

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The cottage will be available to you from 3pm on the day of arrival.

The cottage key will be available in a key safe outside the front door. The key safe code will be sent to you in good time before arrival.


We’ve compiled a list of visitor attractions and destinations.



Bins are provided in the kitchen to collect recyclable and non-recyclable waste. See Rubbish & Recycling for more.

Bottle Bank

There’s a bottle bank for empty glass bottles and jars at the carpark in Greenwell Lane [NE66 1HB]. See also the Rubbish & Recycling section.

Breakages and other damage

We accept that occasionally even the most careful guest may break a glass or drop a plate.

If any minor breakages occur during your stay, please let the team at the Northumbrian Cottages office in Alnwick know or leave a clear note in the kitchen on your departure so that a replacement can be provided for the next guests.


Alnwick Bus Station is at 24 Clayport Street, next to Morrison’s supermarket.


Candles & Tealights

There are no candles or tealights in the property and, for fire safety reasons, we regret that their use during your stay is not permitted. See our Fire Safety advice for more advice.

Car Parking

See the Parking section.

Cash Machines

There are several cash machines (ATMs) in the town:

Alnwick Post Office (19 Market Street)
Barclays Bank (20 Bondgate Within)
Halifax Building Society (26 Bondgate Within)
Lloyds Bank (24 Bondgate Within)
Sainsbury’s (Willowburn Trading Estate)

Central Heating

The cottage has gas central heating. The boiler and main control panel are in the kitchen, with a thermostat temperature controller in the lounge/diner near the dining table and stairs to the kitchen. There is also an electric fire in the lounge.

Church Services

St Michael’s Church (12 Bailiffgate) Anglican
St Paul’s Church (Percy Street) Catholic
Alnwick Baptist Church (24 Upper Howick Street)

Coffee Machine

There is a Lavazza Jolie coffee machine in the kitchen which takes Lavazza coffee capsules. The capsules are available in supermarkets – about £4 for 12. To use the machine:

  • Fill the water tank to its maximum level (you can remove the water tank to do this – just pull it out gently)
  • Push the silver level back and insert a coffee capsule into the slot. Pull the lever back forward. (Only use Lavazza compatible coffee capsules)
  • Push the button on the top once. A light will flash slowly to indicate that the water is heating. When the machine is at the right temperature, the light will stop flashing and show a white light.
  • (If the light doesn’t flash, check the machine is plugged in and switched on at the wall / If the light flashes rapdily, push the button again)
  • Put a coffee cup underneath the coffee dispenser spout. (you can pull away the drio tray to fit a larger cup or mug)
  • Push the button again to dispense the coffee
  • If the machine doesn’t stop automatically, push the button again.
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds to switch off the machine.
  • Raise the lever again and let the coffee pod drop into the spent capsule drawer – you may need to poke it through with the end of a spoon.
  • Pull out the capsule drawer to empty the capsules and dispose of them in the green (non-recyclables) bin.
  • If you’re still stuck, take a look at the instruction manual.

Coffee Shops

If you prefer your coffee out, you won’t have any difficulty finding a place for coffee and cake.


The cooker has a gas hob and electric fan oven.

Oven gloves are in the cupboard to the right of the oven.

Cycle Hire

You can hire standard or electric bikes from The Bike Shop in Alnwick.



Alnwick Dental Practice (3 Bondgate Without)
Genix Healthcare Dental Clinic (Unit 10, Cawledge Business Park – other side of the A1)
Market Street Dental Practice (15 Market Street)

Departure Day

In order for the cottage to be fully cleaned and prepared for the next guests please ensure that you leave by 10am on the agreed day of departure.

Just before you leave, have a quick check that you’ve:

  • checked the wardrobes, drawers and bedside tables for any personal belongings
  • removed all food items from the fridge, freezer and cupboards
  • returned any adapters or other items left in the cottage for guest use
  • emptied the bins in the kitchen (thanks!)
  • left any empty bottles and jars in the kitchen (please give them a quick rinse) – we’ll take these to the bottle bank for you.

And finally:
Don’t forget to leave your key in the key safe and scramble the numbers on the key pad on departure.


The cottage has an easy to use dishwasher. An small supply of dishwasher tablets and rinse aid can be found in the cupboard under the sink.

If you’re still stuck, you can read the full dishwasher User Manual.


Alnwick Medical Group (Infirmary Close)

For more urgent medical attention, see also the hospitals section.


Front Door
The front door does not automatically lock when closed from outside. You can’t accidentally lock yourself out and need to lock the door with the doorkey when leaving the cottage.

To lock the door, pull the door handle upwards to engage the locking pins before turning the key in the lock.

Back Door
The back door to the garden has two locks, usually you’ll just need to use the key to lock and unlock the back door. However, there are also ‘star locks’ at the top and bottom of the door which may need to be used to unlock the door – both keys are on the keyring which should be kept in the back door lock.

DVD Player

A DVD player is provided together with a selection of movies.


European/UK Electrical Plug Adapters

For guests from mainland Europe, electrical adapter plugs are provided in the kitchen. In the UK, as in mainland Europe, household electricity is supplied at 230v at 50hz. Please return these adapters before leaving on your departure day for the benefit of future guests.


Faults & Failures

Lightbulbs fail, the kettle element might blow, things might unexpectedly stop working during your stay. Please contact the Northumbrian Cottages office in Alnwick to arrange for a replacement or spare.

Fire Safety

The cottage is provided with smoke alarms on each floor, a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

See our Guest Safety page for more information.

First Aid Kit

There is a first aid kit in the kitchen (In the drawer to the left of the gas hob). Should you use any items during your stay, please let us know so that we can replenish the contents.

Should you require medical attention, see the Doctors and Hospitals sections for more advice.


Gas Safety

If you smell gas, report it immediately.

Black sooty marks or stains and lazy orange flames on a gas appliance and excessive condensation in the room could indicate a faulty gas appliance. There is a carbon monoxide alarm in the kitchen.

The gas stop valve is located in the meter box in white wooden bin storage area outside the front door.

If you smell gas, call the National Grid for free on 0800 111 999, their lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Do not light matches or cigarette lighters
  • Do not try to ignite any of the gas rings on the cooker hob
  • Do not turn light switches or anything electrical on or off
  • Put out any naked flames – including the cooker hob
  • Open all the doors and windows
  • Turn off the gas supply at the stop valve at the meter – located in the bin storage area (and leave it switched off until it is safe to put back on)

Guest Book

Northumbrian Country Cottages will also invite to review your stay to assist others planning a cottage holiday in Alnwick.

There’s a guest book in the lounge, please feel free to leave your comments regarding your stay in the guest book.

You might also like to leave a comment in on our contacts page.


We’ve tried to think of everything which could have made you stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. However, if there is anything we could have done to have made your stay more enjoyable please let us know:

  • We’ve left a suggestions book in the lounge.


Recommended guidebooks to help you find the highlights of your trip include:

  • Northumberland | Gemma Hall | Bradt Travel Guides
    Now in its 2nd edition (published in 2019), this is probably the best guide to Northumberland currently in print.
    Available locally, from Northern Heritage and Amazon in paperback and downloadable editions.
  • The AA Guide to Durham & Northumberland | Richard Gauldie | AA Publishing
    In its 3rd edition (2018), this is a A-Z listing of attractions in the Northumberland and Country Durham.
    Available locally, from Northern Heritage, Amazon, ABE Books and others.
  • Walking in Northumberland | Vivienne Crow | Cicerone Press
    A pocket sized guidebook (2018) of coastal and hill walks reachable from Alnwick and suitable for the reasonably fit visitor. Our copy is well worn.
    Available locally, from Northern Heritage and Amazon.

Other books of local interest and worth a look are:

  • The Making of the Alnwick Garden | Ian August | Pavilion Books
    Written by the man who was instrumental in the project from the start, this is the engaging story of the struggles to bring a neglected and derelict part of castle grounds into being as one of England’s great modern gardens.
    Available in hard cover from the Alnwick Garden gift shop or Amazon.
  • Alnwick Castle | James McDonald | Frances Lincoln Publishers
    A beautiful and readable coffee-table book for those wanting a bit more history and background than you’ll find in the castle guidebook.
    Available from the Alnwick Castle gift shop or Amazon.



An electric fire is provided in the lounge area. (Please don’t hang clothes or other flammable items on or near the fire). See also the Central Heating section.


Alnwick: Alnwick Infirmary – Minor Injuries Unit
Ashington: Wansbeck General Hospital
Cramlington: Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital
Newcastle: Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital

See also the Doctors and Dentists sections

Hot Water

The boiler and main control panel are in the kitchen.

Hot water is on a pressurised system and the hot water tank is oversized for the size of the cottage so there should be plenty of hot water for three people to shower one after another.



Visit us on Instagram at or or

Use Instagram hashtags #alnwickescapes and #russellcottage to tag the photos you upload on your trip.

Internet Use

See the sections on wifi and TV usage.



Two keys will be provided on arrival. One in the keysafe which allows you to enter on arrival and another on the key hooks just inside the front door.

On your departure day, please don’t forget to leave you keys; one in the key safe and one on the keyhooks before leaving the cottage. Please scramble the numbers on the key safe to ensure that the code is not visible to other visitors to the house.

In the event of lost keys, please contact Northumbrian Cottages



A washing machine is provided in the understairs cupboard in the kitchen. Please read the operating instructions provided before use. A small supply of laundry tablets are available under the sink. For fire safety reasons, please do not operate the washing machine whilst you are not in the house.

An airing rack and iron are available in the kitchen understairs cupboard. An ironing board is stored in the single bedroom. There’s also a rotary clothes line in the garden.

A laundrette is also available in the town centre at 19 Clayport Street. The Laundrette is just a few minutes walk from Russell Cottage.

If any of your clothes need dry cleaning, Johnson Cleaners are at 8 Market Street.

Left Property

Please note that any property left at the cottage may only be retained for a short period of time.

Locking yourself out

During the day, please contact the Northumbrian Cottages office in Alnwick who may be able to temporarily provide you with a spare key. Out of hours, please contact the cottage owners on the number provided in your pre-arrival information email.


Market Day

There’s an outdoor market in the town’s Market Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Microwave Oven

Set the cooking time on the microwave oven by using either:

THE TIME COOK BUTTON (on the top left of the keypad)
Press the Time Cook button and then use the numberic keypad to set the cook time in minutes and seconds. Press the Start button (on the bottom right of the keypad) to begin cooking.

Press the Start/+30 Seconds button to set the cook time to 30 seconds. Press the Start/+30 Seconds button again to increase the cook time by another 30 seconds, and a further 30 seconds each time the button is pressed.

The microwave is a 900W unit.
Please cover food when cooking to keep the inside of the microwave hygienic during your stay.
As always, don’t place any metal items in the microwave.



Our neighbours on each side are full time residents rather than holiday visitors; please be considerate when coming and going, parking and with noise levels. Thanks!

Northumbrian Cottages

If you need assistance, Northumbrian Cottages have an office in Alnwick open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at:

43 Bondgate Within, Alnwick
Tel: 01665 606066

Please note that due to ongoing difficulties with their premises, the office may be closed during your visit. However the Alnwick team remain contactable by phone or email.



Outside the Cottage

Russell Cottage has one allocated parking space in front of a garage adjacent to the property. The garage space allocated to the cottage is the second space from the right (viewed from the cottage, this is the second of four garages).

Please remember to park considerately so as not to obstruct other local residents.

Northumberland Parking Disk Scheme

A Northumberland County Council parking disk is provided for your convenience. Please remember to leave this as the cottage on your departure day for the benefit of other guests. Should you wish to purchase your own parking disk, these are widely available in Alnwick’s shops for £1.

Please note that the maximum permitted parking time at the various car parks operating the parking disk scheme varies from car park to car park in Alnwick and throughout Northumberland so please make sure that you check the signage.

Parking in Alnwick town centre

There’s a lot of free parking in the centre of Alnwick, although different car parks have limits on the duration of stay from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Don’t forget to display a parking disc in the short-stay parking locations and to check the permitted length of stay on the signs – particularly on the section of Bondgate Within leading to Narrowgate.

Alnwick’s parking wardens are quite efficient – free parking can suddenly become quite expensive if you forget to display a parking disc in a short-stay car park!

LocationMaximum stayParking Disc
Required ?
Bondgate Hill Cobbles2 hoursYes
Bondgate Within30 minutes
Up to 2 hours
YesCheck the signs!
Some bays limited to a 30 minute stay.
Clayport Street2 hoursYes
Dispensary StreetAll dayNoOpposite Morrisons
supermarket car park
Fenkle Street2 hoursYes
Greenwell Road
(Car Park A)
3 hoursYesBehind
The Playhouse
Greenwell Road
(Car Park B)
All dayNo
Greenwell Road
(Car Park C)
All dayNo
Greenwell Road
(Car Park D)
3 hoursYes
Greenwell Road
(Car Park E)
All dayNo
Market Place30 minutesYes
Market Street2 hoursYes
Pottergate3 hoursYes
Pottergate New RowAll dayNoAccessed from Pottergate
Roxburgh PlaceAll dayNoAccessed from
Green Batt

The above information was correct in January 2023 – please check the signs when parking to ensure you don’t get caught out by any changes!

You can view a map of Alnwick’s town centre car parks here.

More information about parking in Northumberland is available here.

Pay & Display

Please also note also that some car parks in Northimberland do not use the parking disk scheme and operate on a pay and display basis.

It is worth downloading the ‘paybyphone’ mobile phone app which is used in many of Northumberland’s Pay & Display car parks including Bamburgh, Craster and Holy Island. Please note that there is no mobile phone signal available at the car park in Craster (Craster Quarry Car Park) – so it’s a good idea to pay by phone before arriving (or ensure you have a good supply of coins)!

Petrol Stations

There’s a petrol station on the Willowtree Industrial Estate close to the southern junction with the A1 (Postcode NE66 2HA)


No pets, apart from registered assistance dogs, are permitted at the cottage during your stay.


Boots, the chemist is at 50-52 Bondgate Within

Privacy Policy

Take a few minutes to read our data Privacy Notice.


You’re spoilt for choice…



You won’t have any difficulty finding a restaurant.


If you’ve booked online through Northumbrian Country Cottages you will also be invited to review your stay to assist others planning a cottage holiday in Alnwick.

You might also like to leave a comment in on our contacts page.

Rubbish & Recycling

Two waste bins are provided in the kitchen:
Blue Bin (for Recycling)
Green Bin (in Northumberland green is for non-recyclable waste)

When these interior bins are full, please transfer the contents to the similarly coloured wheelie bins in the white wooden shelter by the front door.


The refuse collection day is Wednesday, with blue and green wheelie bins collected on alternate weeks – see below for collection days.

Please ensure that you leave the appropriate wheelie bin by the pavement ready for collection first thing on Wednesday morning (the refuse collection team team come early – it’s probably better just to put it out on Tuesday evening). We appreciate your assistance!

January5 (Thursday)111825
April512 or 131926
May4 (Thursday)10172431
August29162331 (Thursday)
December6132028 (Thursday)

Thank you!


Safety & Security

Please familiarise yourself with the layout of the cottage and location of light switches, always put a light on when moving around the accommodation at night and consider leaving the hall light switched on.

If going out at night, consider leaving on the light at the entrance on.

Please also make sure that you’ve familiarised yourself with the way out, so that in the event of an emergency you can quickly escape to safety.

Always securely lock the cottage whenever you leave it and at night. Make sure windows are closed (and locked), where possible. Never leave valuables in open view.

Finally, please take extra care on the entrance path, patio and steps when dark and in the event of wet or winter conditions.


Please note that smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes emitting any vapour (even if only water vapour) is not permitted in the cottage.

Star Rating (Accommodation Classification)

Russell Cottage has been awarded four-star rating by Northumbrian Cottages.


There are several nearby supermarkets, a small Nisa food store and the larger Morrisons are in the town centre and within easy walking distance.

ALDISouth Road
Alnwick, NE66 2PA
1 mile
Co-op Food 48 Bondgate Within
Alnwick, NE66 1JD
Town Centre
8 minutes' walk (0.4 miles)
LIDLSouth Road
Alnwick, NE66 2QL
11 minutes' walk (0.6 miles)
M&S Food HallUnit 1, Northumberland Street
Alnwick, NE66 2DJ
1.2 miles
Morrisons10 Clayport Street
Alnwick, NE66 1LA
Town Centre
8 Minutes (0.4 miles)
Sainsbury'sWillowburn Avenue
Alnwick, NE66 2JH
1.3 miles

Swimming Pool

There’s a swimming pool at the Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre on he retail park near the A1 [NE66 2JH].



AA Taxis: 01665 606060
Alnwick Wizard Taxis: 01665 663709
ABC Taxis: 01665 603000
C&R Private Hire: 01665 602460 or 07771 934 585
Dragon Cars: 01665 604605
Sovereign Taxis: 01665 602200
333 Taxis: 07808 808 333

The above listings are for information only and aren’t recommendations.

Tourist Information

Alnwick’s Tourist Information Centre is located inside the Alnwick Playhouse.


The nearest mainline railway station is at Alnmouth with trains to Newcastle, London and Edinburgh.

There’s plenty of parking at the station, free of charge for passenger at the southbound side car park, pay-and-display at the car park on the northbound side.


A smart TV is provided which includes Freeview channels and access to the BBC iPlayer and YouTube. A DVD player is also available.

If using your Prime Video, Netflix, iPlayer or other streaming accounts on the TV during your stay, please ensure you log-out of your account before leaving on your departure day. Instructions for the TV are also provided.



Please note that the use of electronic cigarettes emitting any vapour (even if only water vapour) is not permitted in the cottage.


Please note that entry to the cottage is limited to those included in your holiday booking. Visitors, including friends and family who may be in the area, should not be admitted without advance agreement of the owners.



  • See the guidebook section above.
  • If your’re looking for inspiration, the Andrew’s Walks website is certainly worth a look.


The mains water stop-cock is located in the kitchen in the cupboard beneath the sink.


Complimentary WiFi is provided for connection to the internet during your stay. Please note that the provision of a Wi-Fi service is subject to availability and network conditions. Wifi connectivity may not be available 24 hours a day and is provided for pleasure not for business purposes. The uninterrupted and unlimited provision of Wi-Fi is not guaranteed during your stay.

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